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Student Textbook (P-2 course only)

When you’re ready for your course in learning to paraglide, this is the one book you need to help you learn. Paragliding is a doorway into a whole new world of adventure, where you’ll learn to ride the invisible energy of wind and thermic currents to carry you potentially hundreds of miles. But it involves a lifetime of learning, and Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide is your first stepping stone to access the sport safely.

Training Syllabus
Set out in two main sections; Ground-school and Practical, this comprehensive training syllabus will be followed to get new pilots to the USHPA P-2 (Novice) level.  Ground School Course (no fee) to open this .pdf document in a separate browser tab, click below link.

P2 Program Pilots may choose to also complete the online Paraglider Training course which is available at these links (fee course to provide may be incurred by pilot):

United States Hang Gliding/Paragliding Association (USHPA) Information
The following are links to official USHPA documents regarding pilot rating information, policy on revocation of ratings, and surface tow information.  Click on any link to open a .pdf document in a separate browser tab.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Rules and Regulations
Paragliding is regulated under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 103 for ultralight aircraft, and additionally, you must understand the different airspace classifications and restrictions.

Students receive discounts towards purchase of equipment including wings, harnesses, reserves and instruments fabricated by the worlds most respected manufacturers.

Gift certificates are available upon request.

Paragliding Instruction and lessons provided in Arizona (Phoenix) from October through May.