Learn to fly Paragliders in New Mexico and Arizona with Enchanted Air Paragliding, LLC., a Professional Air Sports Association (PASA) certified school, providing USHPA Certified instruction and lessons in Paragliding.

Intro Paragliding Instruction Program: Cost: $450.00

Two half day course which includes equipment. First day consists of familiarization with equipment, wing and ground control in a comfortable environment. Second day consists of either a Tandem flight (Tandem restrictions apply) at altitude or a solo instruction session.

P-2 Paragliding Instruction Program: Cost: $600.00 plus $175 per session

Course includes equipment (during lessons) and comprehensive ground school materials. Initial $600.00 plus tax includes first 3 lessons. Thereafter each lesson is charged at $175 plus tax. Number of lessons is dependent on students progression towards acquiring skills to achieve USHPA P-2 Rating. Lessons vary from 4-6 hours depending on level of student at time of such lesson. Upon achieving P-2 rating, student is a member in Mentor Program.

P-2 Plus: $4,900.00: Participants in P-2 Instruction Program are eligible for discounted gear package. Gear includes current model EN B (class) wing (Buzz Z6 or Vivo), soaring harness (SupAir Access2 or comparable harness), round PDA reserve (Angel or comparable) and helmet (Sup Air pilot). This package saves over $1000 from purchasing gear separate from the lesson package. (custom wing colors or deviations from standard package options are available at an additional charge)

Towing Instruction: Cost: $200.00 (per day)

An alternative to launching from a hill or mountain (towing instruction included for students in the P-1 & P-2 programs). Towing aloft enables flight when mountain sites are un-flyable or inconvenient. Our custom MPC/440 magnetic particle winch provides smooth tows to over 3000′ AGL. Individualized instruction in towing flight is on a per day basis.

All Courses are Non-Refundable

Mentor Program: No Cost

Graduates of P-2 program are lifetime members of our Mentor Program which provides ongoing supervision and guidance in their development and advancement as competent pilots.

USHPA Ratings:

  • P-1 and P-2 provided through Instruction programs
  • P-3 and P-4 provided by scheduled observation of pilot

Student Textbook

Paragliding - The Complete Reference
The Complete Reference

Students in P2 course will receive as part of their training curriculum, a copy of 'Paragliding - The Complete Reference From A to XC' Includes a bonus DVD with 90 minutes of instructional video, and is endorsed by the top paragliding schools (Cloud 9 Soaring Center - Draper, UT (Point of the Mountain), Torrey Pines Gliderport - La Jolla, Ca)

Your First Day

On your first day of instruction, we will meet at the designated location (see event calendar) to fill out paperwork, learn equipment basics, and ground handling (kiting) techniques.

Equipment will be provided for you, but there are a few items you will need to bring to ensure a great orientation to the fantastic sport of Paragliding:

  • High-back hiking or trail shoes that provide good ankle support.
  • Thin gloves similar to those used in biking.
  • Plenty of water!
  • Sunscreen
  • Long Pants
  • A well rested and nourished body - get a good night's sleep the evening before your lesson and don't skip breakfast