About Us

Our philosophy is to provide Paragliding lessons and instruction programs with a focus on developing pilots that possess the skills and knowledge to enable the highest level of proficiency and safety in a three dimensional free flight environment.

Your USHPA Certified Advanced Instructor, Chuck Woods has been piloting foot launched free flight wings for over 45 years, having accumulated over 5000 hours of flight time. He has provided lessons and instruction in foot launch aviation for over 30 years in Hang Gliding and for over 15 years providing lessons and instruction in Paragliding.

Chuck’s credentials include: USHPA Advanced Paragliding Instructor, USHPA Tandem Paragliding Instructor, USHPA Tow Observer, USHPA Master Rated Paraglider pilot and USHPA Master Rated Hang Glider pilot.

Providing USHPA Ratings to qualified pilots from Beginning (P-1) through Advanced (P-4).

Spread your wings and learn to Paraglide with Enchanted Air Paragliding, a Professional Air Sports Association (PASA) certified school.

“I Fly Because” (an Ozone video)

Chuck Woods

  • 45+ years flying experience
  • 30+ years as USHPA Advanced Instructor
  • Over 5000 logged hours of flight time
  • USHPA Advanced Instructor
  • USHPA Tandem Instructor
  • USHPA Master Paraglider (P5) Rating
  • USHPA Master Hang Glider (H5) Rating
  • USHPA Tow Observer